Excursions in Marsala and Mozia

Excursions in Marsala and Mozia
Marsala & Mothia

Among the impressive destinations of western Sicily we find the splendid city of Marsala, famous both for its homonymous fortified wine, and for the beauty of its landscapes. To live this experience in all its facets, we advise you to book our Marsala and Mothia excursions, so as not to miss the two destinations during your holidays.

Marsala is considered the City of Wine, but its fame also derives from the landing of Garibaldi and the Thousand in 1860. It is a city that is embraced by the Tyrrhenian Sea to the south and the Sicilian Sea to the north, characterizing the Sicilian coast and providing many spots for sunbathing or simply lying on the white sand, which is typical of the place.

The historic centre is full of life and ancient buildings, which wisely narrate the succession of populations who have lived in this land full of resources.

Mozia, or Mothia, is located on the Island of San Pantaleo, within the Stagnone Nature Reserve, and it is a wonderful open-air museum that will leave you speechless.

With a comfortable excursion, you will be able to visit both destinations!

Marsala and Mothia Tour

During our excursion we will divide the itinerary as follows:

  • Departure from Piazza Francesco Pizzo in Marsala at 10:30 am
  • Departure from Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Trapani at 10:00 am

Based on your needs, you can decide which of the two cities to leave from.

  • arrival in the centre of Marsala at 11:00 am
  • Independent visit of the historic centre for a duration of 3 hours
  • Departure towards the historic dock of Mothia at 2:00pm
  • Expected arrival at the landing stage at 2.30pm
  • Self-guided visit of Mothia for about 2 hours
  • Expected return to Trapani at 5:30 pm
  • Expected return to Marsala at 5:00pm

Entrance fees, guides, meals and drinks are not included in the price.

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What to see in Marsala

The city of Marsala offers its visitors a multitude of attractions, from the ancient buildings of the historic centre to the lively coast, full of pubs and excellent restaurants.

We recommend you visit first of all the Cathedral of the city, the Mother Church, built around 1176 in Piazza della Repubblica and dedicated to St. Thomas Becket. One of its peculiarities is the coexistence of two quite different but perfectly coexisting styles: on the one hand, the exterior, we find a typically baroque style, on the other, the interior, we will be able to admire a Norman style, with some details that recalls the baroque. A combination that makes this place even more magical.

The Church of Purgatory is another exceptional stop during your excursions. By many people it is considered the most beautiful church in Marsala, as well as being one of the most beautiful structures of the Sicilian Baroque. Its exterior is characterized by columns and statues, while the interior offers views of magnificent and elaborate stuccos. At its entrance, the fountain gives a simple and popular atmosphere, making it a nice meeting place for citizens.

As you continue your walk, you cannot fail to see the Porta Garibaldi, one of the four access gates to the city, so- called as it was Garibaldi himself who went through this gate to reach the town centre. Do not miss Porta Nuova, the most famous, central and historically used city gate.

Finally, we recommend visiting the Marsala wineries, such as the Florio, Donna Fugata or Pellegrino wineries, all open to the public and which organize tours and guided wine tasting tours.

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What to see on the island of Mozia

The small and extraordinary islet of Mozia was an ancient Phoenician settlement dating back to the 12th century BC. It became one of the most important Phoenician colonies in all of Sicily, as it served as a mooring for ships crossing the Mediterranean and, in ancient times, it could also be accessed on foot or on horseback, thanks to the very shallow water.

After its destruction, it was the English nobleman Giuseppe Whitaker who rediscovered this little gem, bringing it the fame it enjoys today and making it a real museum of this ancient civilization.

During the archaeological excavations, a necropolis emerged, together with many finds and mosaics, now kept inside the Museum. One of the most beautiful finds on the island does not go unnoticed: the famous Giovinetto di Mozia, the Greek statue dating back to 450 BC which probably arrived in Motya after a sacking by the Carthaginians in Selinunte.

Beyond the museum, which was originally the nobleman's house, there are many remains of the island's buildings, such as the watchtowers , which despite having been destroyed, are still clearly visible and retain their original beauty. Then there is the Cappiddazzu Sanctuary and the Tofet, a sanctuary where the funeral urns are kept.

We also recommend visiting the House of mosaics and the Casermetta, whose function is still unknown.

The necropolis is one of the most fascinating finds in Mozia, so we advise you not to miss it. The tombs are made up of small pits dug into the rock or into the earth with the objects of the funerary equipment such as ceramics, weapons and jewels to the sides.

Marsala and Mothia tour starts at 180,00 €

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